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When it comes to diesel fuel injection service, you need a reliable specialist who understands the complexities of your diesel engine. At Diesel Specialties of Omaha Inc., we provide factory authorized diesel fuel injection service that keeps you running tip-top. We rely on the most advanced equipment and technology to maintain and diagnose the fuel system.

Bosch high pressure common rail injector.
Navistar VGT turbo

Exchange diesel fuel injection pumps, injectors and turbochargers.

We can provide you with an exchange unit to get you going again right away.

Robert Bosch A series injection pump

Repair diesel fuel injection pumps, injectors and turbochargers.

We can repair your own unit and return it to you.

Navistar Heui injector

Common rail injector testing.

We offer high quality testing on common rail injectors.

Bosch common rail injector tester.

Authorized Bosch

common rail testing.

Common rail injector testing.

Factory authorized Bosch,

Stanadyne, CAV, Simms etc...

Diesel Specialties of Omaha Inc. has been a pioneer in the diesel industry for nearly 60 years.  We continue to offer quality factory authorized service to our customers.

Schroeter diesel technology museum
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