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Diesel Specialties of Omaha Inc.

Well, fall is here! Seems just like when we are getting ramped up to get everything out of the fields, the rain starting coming down, and they didn’t stop! Driving along eastern Iowa, and Western Nebraska all I see is lakes where the fields should be! In fact, I could swear I saw a beaver trying to make a field in the middle of a corn field south of Sioux City! Doesn’t matter if you’re running an old Farmall, or a new 100% electronically controlled John Deere, running in these conditions is hard on the equipment! At Diesel Specialties of Omaha, we have the Bosch common rail injector tester, so if you aren’t sure if your injectors are working at the top of their game, or if you think you may over done it, give us a call and we can check them out and let you know the best way to get your equipment back at 100% Thanks, and try to keep warm and dry!!!

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